Himane Sustainable Concept is rooted towards environmental consciousness, taking materials headed for the landfill and transforming them into beautiful, high-quality, unique, and hand-crafted goods. Founded on a mission to bring awareness on discarded materials and a more focus on fashion up-cycling by reviving old clothing and give it new life, offering the clients one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces. Catherine Edouard a positive zero-waste designer, artist, educator, and the brain behind her sustainable brand.
Catherine promotes positive solutions through her recycling workshops in Haiti, Iceland, and now South Africa. She is especially passionate about teaching fun recycling and up-cycling techniques to school children. She is the proud recipient of a Special Recognition Award for “Innovative and Exceptional Creativity” from the European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network , awarded to her in Reykjavik and was also featured on the documentary The True Cost in 2015.

Himane Sustainable Concept

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