Land of J, Inc.

Land of J, Inc.

Located in:

New York City

About the Brand:

I design innovative, fashionable and sometimes quirky products. My line of clothing and accessories, Pocket Change, is all about hidden pockets. And it was born when I was robbed of all my belongings in Madrid. My first product was a woman’s multi-pocket vest - the only one that lets a woman go from day to night in a fashionable, savvy but practical way with 10 hidden pockets. (Now I also have a form-fitting men’s vest with six zippered pockets that allows a guy to wear it under a suit jacket or over a t-shirt with jeans.) My 7-in-1 wallet has numerous zippered pockets and slots to carry all your vitals close to your body.
My latest product is a cross-body canvas bag that looks minimalist from the outside -- like all my fashion products -- so that it doesn’t reveal what you’re carrying.
Aside from my fashion products, I also designed a quirky plush doll: AngryJ. Her character was born from a sketch I’ve been drawing since I was an angry 10 year old.


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