Lele Bombe is a purpose driven brand that brings together designer - artisan collaborations for the preservation of indigenous culture & community. We team up with a collective of Colombia's best bead makers, artisans & storytellers to create statement accessories & designs that empower the maker and wearer.

Each piece is handmade, can take up to 20+ days to complete and designs are 100% exclusive: No two pieces will ever be the same. These pieces are more than just products, but colorful stories weaved together that support the native artistic communities of South America.

So why us? Because we're thrilled to be a part of the growing movement to be a 'mindful' business. We provide fair pay to artisans and connect you to real stories, authentic goods and a valued cause. Your purchase enables us to go an extra mile and help the vulnerable groups we work with. Through our "Pueblo & Acqua Project", we provide clean water filters to artisans families we collaborate with.

Lele Bombe

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