Who is Stemp?
We come from a land known to have the friendliest people, tallest mountains and the happiest soul. With our roots from the Himalayas in Nepal and our upbringing in the concrete jungle of New York, we want to provide sustainable clothing to the stylish being. This passion led us to move back to our hometown to work towards forming a clothing brand and in the process give hemp an identity. At Stemp, we strive to provide trendy and ready to wear clothing that is sustainable - all the while maintaining the highest standards in quality. At Stemp, we Care What You Wear and care who makes your wear. We’re into making urban clothing for men and women - entirely with hemp. Hemp is an eco-friendly, organic, and naturally grown crop used to create some of the world’s finest products. We believe it’s high time to make hemp look just as cool as it actually is. Not only do we want to deliver clothes that are stylish and chic, but also ones that are sustainable.


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