Grace Alignay - Accounting Consultation


Grace Alignay is a U.S. Army veteran with 15 years of accounting experience in non-profit, fashion, and tech organizations. She is a Fair Trade Advocate with a passion for all things ethical and small business and loves supporting her Meetup community of fashion entrepreneurs and enthusiasts (NYC Fashion Rebels). She is also a graduate of the Custom Collaborative fashion training program, a business member of the New York City Fair Trade Coalition, and she is the Cooperative Lead and founding member of Custom Collaborative’s first worker cooperative, Fashion That Works Production, specializing in high quality small to medium quantity production runs. She earned certification in Participatory Management from the Democracy At Work Institute and Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations.



One (1) hour of consultation 

We’ll discuss:

-Company’s current financial position

-Financial Management, organization, and areas of concern

-Services that can address your needs and ensure the financial health of your business.


Full accounting services for both business and/or personal needs:

-Accounts Receivable transactions

-Accounts Payable transactions

-Bank reconciliations

-Financial statement preparation and analysis



Pricing based on your individual needs and would be determined after the initial consultation. 

Grace Alignay - Accounting Consultation


Once you place your order an email notification will be sent to Grace. She will get in touch to organize a day and time for your one on one consultation session.

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