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yesterday’s clothes for a better tomorrow

Subject Matter aims to provide quality secondhand pieces at accessible prices, with an emphasis on how our objects can educate, influence, and represent us.


in support of local education

We believe education has the power to transform perspectives and futures. Specifically, education in the arts can benefit the social and emotional well-being of children, expanding creativity, consciousness, and empathy.

To support this essential education, we share contributions of $1 per item sold to Education Through Music, based here in New York City.


our garment lifecycle

1 Each piece is hand-selected from a variety of local suppliers. By keeping our sourcing as local as possible, we are able to help support other small businesses and individual sellers here in New York. On the hunt for something specific? Let us know!

2 The garments are gently hand-washed with biodegradable, no-rinse soap and cold water to minimize stress on the fabric and limit water use. Synthetic fabrics are washed in a Guppyfriend bag to prevent microfibers from shedding and polluting our water. Garments are then line-dried and steamed.

3 We ship in 100 percent recycled content, plastic-free packaging (or secondhand boxes) that can be reused or recycled further. Our irl pieces are labeled with handmade tags using secondhand paper and organic linen string.

4 Our goal is for every customer to love their purchase! It’s our sincere hope that our preloved pieces spark (or sustain) ongoing interest in secondhand clothing.

5 When it’s time for you and your subject matter finds to part ways, recycle your garments by swapping with friends, selling online, or donating to a community thrift store for someone else to love.


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