Sustainable Fashion Community Center
Q + A

1. What is the Sustainable Fashion Community Center (SFCC)?


The SFCC serves as a NYC FTC coworking space and is a place to recycle/swap your clothing, host workshops, and meet like-minded individuals. You can also swap plants and attend events. 


2. What are the Sustainable Fashion Community Center's hours of operation?


Currently, the Sustainable Fashion Community Center is open Monday-Friday, 1-7pm.


3. I love the Sustainable Fashion Community Center, can I get a monthly pass?

Yes, we have monthly business and advocate memberships are available. Click here to purchase.

4. What type of events can I host at the Sustainable Fashion Community Center?

The Sustainable Fashion Community Center hosts educational, social and networking events. Some examples of events we’ve had in the past include mending, repairing, and tailoring workshops, lunch & learns, resell/vintage/thrift events, clubs, etc.

5. How do I host a workshop or event at the Sustainable Fashion Community Center?

Fill out this application link to be considered to host an event at our space.

6. What events are taking place next week at the Sustainable Fashion Community Center?

Please check out our events page.

The Swap Shop Q + A

1. How does swapping work?

Step 1: Clean out your closet. Now accepting 'unswappable' items for recycling.


Step 2: Visit the Swap Shop and drop off clothing at the front.


Step 3: Shop our racks (racks on, racks on, racks).


Step 4: Select up to 10 items.


Step 5: Check out at the front and get your new-to-you threads. (Pay $15 for Swap items or grab a $10 advance ticket on Eventbrite to save $5.)


Step 6: Enjoy. (Thank you for helping us disrupt the fashion industry!)

2. How much does it cost to swap?

It cost $15 to swap items or checkout our EventBrite for discounts.

3. What if I take more than I brought?

No worries! You can take up to 10 items.

4. Where do my unswappable items go?

We have numerous partners who help us navigate where items can be recycled, reused, and repurposed. We have a “clothing & shoe dropbox” where the unstoppable items go to Green Textile Recycling, which saves clothes from the landfill.

5. What do I do when I’m ready to check out?


You head over to the front desk to weigh what was brought in and taken out. We love stats!

6. How do I pay to swap?

You can pay with cash, Venmo or a donation through GoFundMe. 

7. What is the Swap Shop Guest Pass?

You can save $5 swapping by purchasing a $10 pass, ahead of time.

8. Is there anything else going on at the Swap Shop?

We are planning to add an exciting menu of events as we grow! Style Fridays, where a stylist is on hand to help you choose and style items, is one of our first. If you have a cool idea for an event or collaboration, email us here.


The Gift Shop Q + A

1. What brands are available in the gift shop? 

Ponchos Rojas, Yanawara, Mayamam Weavers, Terra Thread, Dr. Bronner’s, Cafe del Abuelo, Nutu, Tinguaco, Twin Engine and A. Bernadette.

2. How can I make the most of my experience at the Gift Shop? 

If you spend more than $25 at the Gift Shop, you can swap for free in the Swap Shop!

3. How do I pay for items at the Gift Shop?

Use a QR code to access the GoFundMe to 'Donate' the amount owed.


Membership Q + A

1. How do I become a member of the Sustainable Fashion Community Center?


There are two types of monthly membership, business and advocate. Business membership includes the opportunity to access the Photo Studio, to work with and book interns, and the opportunity to host a pop-up. Advocates gain access to unlimited swapping and NYC FTC events.


2. How do I get into the Sustainable Fashion Community Center once I pay?

Login to the website and book an intern, Photo Studio appointment, and/or pop-up. Purchase a free Swap Shop pass from EventBrite to let us know you're on your way. Let us know you are a member upon arrival.

3. What does “host a meeting” mean? 

If you’d like to come and work or host a meeting, send a calendar invite. We are open from 1-7pm. Please email if you’d like to work at the SFCC outside normal work hours.

4. What does “host an event” mean?

Fill out this application to host a workshop, class, or special event. Please remember to select a pricing structure.

5. What are my responsibilities as a Sustainable Fashion Community Center member?

To create a safe, positive work environment. We ask you to take out any items, especially trash you bring in.