'Neil's Yard Remedies - Organic Skin Care' with Erin Galvin

A few months back, I sat down with Erin Galvin to talk to her about Neil’s Yard Remedies – Organic Skin Care. At the time I figured the interview would go smoothly, I'd have a few ‘tough questions’ about packaging and whether the organic ingredient could be effectively certified. Soon after the interview though, I feel into somewhat of a depression.. I had recently stopped seeing an individual whom I had been quite fond of, and as a Canadian my one year working visa was drawing to an end and I felt like I was pouring all of my energy into a job market that didn’t want to take a chance on a recent grad who was a foreigner to boot. I was tired, stressed, anxious and unmotivated. Although Erin and I met on the premise of discussing NYR, her instincts as a trained Integrative Nutritional Therapist & Herbalist shone through and she took it upon herself to, with my blessing of course, suggest supplements that could help me regain the balance that I felt was missing in my life. I'm truly grateful.

But on to: Neil's Yard Remedies - Organic Skin Care!

Let’s begin a few years back... When Erin was a student in London she discovered NYR Ethical and Organic Health and Beauty and began using their products herself as well as prescribing them to her very first patients. Erin firmly believes in the brand’s beauty range, which has led her to become a strong brand ambassador and expanding what had started as a small business, ordering NYR products for family and friends, into a larger circle where her enthusiasm for educating people about the products can reach a wider audience.

What sets NYR Organic apart from other natural beauty brands is the company's dedication in providing their customer with all the information for every ingredient used in their products. If there is an ingredient that is ethically or environmentally questionable NYR Organic would rather remove that entire product line from their assortment rather than risk the trust of their clients. The same is true for the packaging which is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and derived of materials from mixed sources. While there is no such thing as perfection at this point in time, the transparency in NYR’s business practices offers peace of mind to those customer who want to understand everything about the products that they are putting on their skin. Read more about NYR - Organics beliefs and standards here

I was also fortunate enough to try out and comment on a select few products, just a small sample of the wide product range;

Wild Rose Beauty Balm: I used this both as a hydrating balm and as a skin cleanser before a shower. I found it somewhat counter-intuitive to use the product as a face wash, since it seemed so thick and hydrating, but I loved using it before bed, or before going outside to keep the moisture in my skin when I need it most. I also enjoyed the scent!

Frankincense Hydrating Cream: At first I didn’t like the smell, I thought the cream smelled like cooked chicken although no one agreed with me and some of my friends outright declared that they loved the smell of the frankincense. This cream kept my skin hydrated all day working outdoors in below freezing weather at the Union Square Farmer's Market until I ran out. I think this is a great heavy cream that I would use again to protect my skin in cold, drying weather.

Beauty Sleep Concentrate: Loved this product. I put it on before naps when I knew I wouldn’t be getting my full 8 hours of sleep. The smell was calming and mild, the cream felt amazing on my skin and I did feel rejuvenated once I woke up. And it smelled AMAZING

For myself I finally ordered the NYR Nourishing Orange Flower Night Cream and I adore it. The cream is so rich and smells wonderful and besides feeling a little bit itchy the first night that I tried it, I haven't had any reaction what-so-ever and my skin looks amazing in the morning. Even the ritual of massaging the cream on my face at night is wonderful! A little goes a long way as well, this 1.76oz jar has already lasted me two months and I have at least two more to go.

I was truly impressed by NYR’s products, and Erin is so easy to work with. I highly suggest this product range to anyone who cares about what they're putting on their face! But what I was most impressed with was Erin's skill as an intuitive herbalist and nutritional therapist. Erin’s bedside manner was kind and compassionate; with a few simple questions she has me open up about what I was experiencing and was able to prescribe a few supplements what greatly reduced my anxiety and increased my energy level. I’ve started taking what she prescribed about 2 months ago and I've felt huge improvements, as you can see, since I’m actually disciplining myself and writing this! Thanks Erin!

Check out Erin’s website here.

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