Hebe Rose Kickstarter

Our brand new collection is here on Kickstarter!!!

That’s right, we’re releasing 10 new handbags! Each new bag remains true to our goal: to create beautiful, high-quality handbags that help save Mother Earth. Just like our first collection, these bags are up to 100% recycled, made from materials like recycled nylon and regenerated leather.

We’re making the old new again - it’s handbag magic! #handbagmagic

Our new collection is available exclusively on Kickstarter and we only have 4 days left for you to get your very own Hebe Rose New York bag!

We decided to launch this collection on Kickstarter because we knew it would be a great platform to spread our message. Also, we wanted a way for other eco-conscious fashionistas out there to get their hands on our bags or simply show their support. We know not everyone can afford to buy one of our handbags outright, that’s why we have cute alternatives if you want to show your support - like our reusable water bottle or our “Jade” cosmetic pouch.

Whatever your purchase, big or small, smile because you’re helping to save Mother Earth.


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