FARFARM at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

Once a month, the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator hosts a unique sustainable textile company. While there, I had the pleasure of learning about FARFARM, an innovative start-up bringing agroforestry in the Brazilian Amazon to the textile industry.

One of its co-founders and NYC Fair Trade Advocate, Beto Bina, has spent the last two years researching ways to work with and increase the biodiversity of species in the Amazon of his home country. Agroforestry is a relatively new concept in which a resource management system is created that mimics nature. It is designed to create a landscape in which species collaborate with each other to restore the soil, increase the availability of water and remove carbon from the atmosphere. In this way, resources are maximized and not exploited or harmed.

FARFARM envisions jute, banana, pineapple, cotton and many other species thriving together in an environment that develops the Amazon sustainably and supports the local farmers. They have partnered with companies who have already been developing the most sustainable fabrics in Brazil, such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, peace silk and jute. These companies are committed to investing their profits to expand education about Agroforestry. With a deeper interest and understanding of how people and nature should work in harmony, FARFARM is moving the textile and fashion industries in the right direction towards a more sustainable future.

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