Fair Trade International Symposium

Greetings from sunny Portsmouth, England!

The Fair Trade International Symposium brought together fair trade organizations from across Europe to share research, projects, and information on what the future holds. Check out the highlights below:

B-Corps - This new type of business structure and certification is gaining more momentum in the UK after having started in the US over 10 years ago. Kate Chapman, Founder of Midori Consulting and B Leader gave a wonderful introduction to b-corps and shared with the audience the many companies that have switched over and the benefits to going through the b-lab certification process.

Nancy Mureti, Fairtrade Africa - Shared with the audience the different regions in Africa Fair Trade Africa works with and the importance have having local leaders.

Pedro Gamboa shared the impacts of fair-trade-based projects on SDG’s: A case study of Mayan communities in Mexico. Check out more at: http://www.haciendasmundomaya.com/en/

Research from Matthew Anderson, Fair Trade International Symposium coordinator - Research into the circular economy related to textile fibers is an area just starting to be covered within the fair trade company. Check out more of Matthews research here.

Overall the symposium was packed full of networking, planning, and ended with plenty of potential collaborations. From a fashion standpoint, food is still overwhelming the topic at fair trade conferences, leaving opportunity for fashion groups like the NYC Fair Trade Coalition to fill in the gap and bring a greater awareness to the fair trade fashion movement.

I was lucky enough to share my findings on marketing ethical, sustainable, and fair trade fashion. Check out my presentation here with presentation notes included.



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