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Tackling food waste, healthy food deserts, and affordable food options is close to Fair Trade Advocate Carla Farina's heart. Check out her below account of Misfit Market and learn more about eddys brand, Carla's sustainable fashion start-up.

I ordered my first Misfits Market box last Thursday morning and requested a Monday delivery. The box arrived on Saturday, which turned out to be better since I do my meal prep on Sundays.

I ordered the Misfit Box one-time box just to check it out, $21 with Andreas promo code. I wasn’t home when it arrived so my hubs opened the box and put all the items in the fridge. He said the box was “hot” even though that was an icepack inside, it was spent. All the packaging components are recyclable or reusable. Polybags and boxes were all recyclable and the padding components were all made of recycled paper.

There was no packing list, which I guess is fine since I didn’t order anything specific. The ratio of fruit-veggie was not good; 10-12 pounds included 4 apples and the rest veggies. Living in NYC makes it easy to grab what I’m missing for the week, but I can already see this is not a complete replacement for my weekly produce shopping.

The website says this box is ideal for “2 people for a week...ideal for cooking small meals and snacking.” I don’t know how they determine that because there is more than enough in this box for me and the hubs - and we like to EAT! So the box is a great value because we have enough for the week plus a get together with 6 friends one day. I like that there are some things I would never have bought so it pushes me to find some recipes and try new things.

There are competitors like Imperfect Produce who offer options; select fruit over veggies or any produce over just organic produce, but they’re not in NY yet.

I may have gotten the last “batch” of the week which could explain why many items were starting to wilt. I checked the Misfits Market list on Sunday morning to see what some “new to me” items were; I’ve never bought Acorn Squash and Rutabaga, or Kale - but I knew what it looked like. I double checked Monday morning and the list has changed. It would be helpful if Misfits Market had more recipes on their blog, at least one for each item they offer.

The Mischief Box | 4 apples, 1 eggplant, 1 acorn squash, 1 rutabaga, 2 turnips (that I originally thought were rutabagas until I cut them), 4 bunches of scallion, 3 jalapeño, 1 head of romaine, 1 bunch of kale, and 5 carrots w/tops.

Apples | Eaten as-is.

Scallions | Trim dry or mushy parts, place in a jar with water, pick as needed.

These were a mess! They started to get mushy in the polybags they came in so they had to be peeled and cut almost ⅔ down. There is still a lot of usable scallions if you wanted to use right away. They are great for toppers on meats or pasta -or- weekend everything bagel with cream cheese!

I’ll leave them in the jar and wait for a new bunch to grow. I already had a stem growing in my window, now it has friends!

Jalapeño Relish | 3 Jalapeno’s, ⅓ cup of Vinegar, Pinch of Salt | Chop the ‘penos; place in your container; add the vinegar and salt; close and SHAKE!

The jalapenos were in perfect condition, just needed to find a recipe that's right for the season. I used white vinegar because it’s what I have, but you can use Apple Cider or any vinegar you have. This is really hot, if you want it hotter, add some of the seeds. I also used an empty jar of jelly that I finished that morning.

Carrot Top Pesto | Tops of 5 carrots, 2 Tbsp of Garlic, 1/4 Cup of EVOO, Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes | Separate the hard top stems from the soft stems and leaves, put those in the compost; place soft tops and leaves in blender; add EVOO, garlic, and pepper flakes; cover and blend!

There were a lot of wilted and mushy tops that needed to be sorted out. Still, I have enough for 3-4 servings of this pesto. It’s good for pasta or topping grilled chicken or shrimp. It comes out bitter, you have to let it sit at least one day for the flavors to blend.

Romaine | 1 head of Romaine | Trim, wash, dry, lay flat on a clean dish towel and wrap.

I saw this on a blog ages ago and it’s the best way for me to keep and actually eat lettuce. The bunch is ready to grab a leaf or two for a sandwich, salad, or taco. I sneak them into the hubs lunch all the time!

The outside leaves were wilted, I ate those right away. The inside leaves were still yellow, but I will chop them into a yellow and green salad later this week. The rest of the leaves are perfect, there were a few buggies in the wrinkles so make sure to wash! Put the crunchier leaves on the inside because they will keep longer. Use the wited ones right away.

Kale | 1 Bunch of Kale | Chop; soak in water for 5-6 minutes; drain, shake, spin; store with a towel.

I have never had kale before, can you believe that? But they sent it so I’m trying it now!

There was some waste on the kale as well. The outer leaves were very yellow, some were brown, dry and inedible. Some had burrow holes, I tried to trim out the inedible parts and still have a lot left for the week.

Monday Lunch | Kale and Sweet Potato Salad | Handfull of Kale, 1/4 Baked Sweet Potato-cubed, 1/4 Tomato-chopped, 2 Tbsp Goat Cheese, 2 Tbsp of Salad Topping, EVOO + OJ dressing | Make the dressing and rub on the kale leaves to help with bitterness, toss in the rest of the ingredients.

I had plenty of dressing so I used it again for dinner. The original recipe idea is from SkinnyTaste; I made some changes based on ingredients I already had. I did grab a sweet potato at the supermarket, I realized when I was baking the potato that I could have used the Rugabata that was in the box for this instead.

You live and you learn.

Wednesday BBQ | Eggplant, Acorn Squash, Rutabaga, Turnip, Carrots on the Grill | Veggies, EVOO, Paprika, Salt, Pepper | Slice eggplant and soak in water with dissolved salt for about 30 mins (while you’re doing everything else), slice squash, peel and slice rutabaga and turnip, trim carrots. Compost all those shavings and cuttings! Drain eggplant, lay out all your veggies and brush on EVOO then sprinkle paprika, salt, and pepper on both sides. Grill!

This time of year I grill everything! I picked up vine tomatoes, an onion, corn and a portobello mushroom (another $15 at the supermarket). I had some friends over and we were really hungry so I forgot to take a photo before we ate....this is all that was left! Really good veggies and I have for the next couple of days!

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