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Are you familiar with Diana Vreeland? Have you seen the documentary, "Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel?" What about her infamous memos?

I have a dream of creating such infamous memos, of having a name which conjures an eccentric image of a big lady in a big fur coat, wear a big hat, with a hearty laugh. Let's start with the memo and go from there.


NYC FTC Business Members

NYC FTC Fair Trade Advocates

Swap Queens

Future Members

Future Sponsors

FROM: A. Bernadette(I also dream of dropping Andrea and going by A.)

SUBJECT: If You Build It - They Will Come.

I do believe we need a space of our own. I'm tired of schlepping my hangers, clothing rack, wine opener, etc to and from LIM College.

We(the sustainable fashion community) need a hub, activation center, safe space where we can permanently and prominently display our mission and vision. A place where members can set up their wares invite buyers, customers, or partners in the effort to do business.

We need a space where disrupting the fast fashion industry is one of the key goals. Our future IG posts will read: "Stop by the Sustainable Fashion Community Center, clean out your closet(both metaphorically and physically), and swap for new to you threads. Oh BTW you must come to an upcoming member event and support fair trade fashion."

This seems to be an ambitious goal, who can afford store front rent in Manhattan or sign a ten year lease? We've got a solution: WeWork. By June 1st we hope to have an office. Something small and manageable, but something to call our own. Something that gives us access, not just to the WeWork in Times Square, but to ALL the WeWorks, where members can hang their hats and host events. By May 15th I am needing 20 members to pay $100 to make this space a reality for June 1st. Or 5 members to pay $400 a month for their very own key card(almost looks like a black amex) and unlimited access 24/7. Or some mix of the above.

Can we do it? Yes we can. Will this happen in the next two weeks? Only you can answer that. All I know is June 26th I turn back into a pumpkin and head back to Uganda for the summer. Perhaps this seed I'm planting will shoot up into a beautiful flower or we'll have to wait for fall harvest(am I mixing my metaphors?)

If you'd like to support our efforts in creating our very first, but certainly not only, Sustainable Fashion Community Center, you can donate here or become a member.

In closing if all else fails simply remember, "Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous."

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