Meet The Team

The NYC Fair Trade Coalition is a grassroots organization that promotes fair trade businesses and retailers in New York City and educates consumers on the importance of fair trade.

Mikaela Ringquist
Board Member
Tessa Maffucci
Board Member

Tessa Maffucci teaches in the Fashion Department at Pratt Institute, currently acting as the Departmental Sustainability Coordinator to help advance campus-wide curriculum and programming goals for sustainable design strategies. She is a Made in NYC Fellow (2018-2019) working on an ongoing digital humanities project in New York City’s Garment Center.

In her professional career, Tessa works as the Director of Digital Marketing at W&P Design, a full-stack design company based in Brooklyn. She is an Associate Editor at The Fashion Studies Journal and her research focuses on the intersection of fashion and digital media, with an interest in material culture and identity.

Andrea Reyes

Andrea Reyes is a fair trade advocate, educator and small business owner. She is the Chair of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition: a network of small ethical business owners and advocates. She is the founder of A. Bernadette: a fair trade fashion brand in Uganda which hosts educational study abroad programs. Lastly, she teaches fashion marketing, international trade, and business development classes at Baruch College, LIM College, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Elizabeth Stilwell
Web Manager
Grace Alignay

Grace Alignay is a U.S. Army veteran with 15 years of accounting experience in non-profit, fashion, and tech organizations. She is a Fair Trade Advocate with a passion for all things ethical and small business and loves supporting her Meetup community of Fashion Rebels.  She is also an ambassador and participant of the Custom Collaborative program, a business member of the New York Fair Trade Coalition. 

Mikaela Ringquist currently works in the field of international diplomacy and as a grant writing consultant. Prior, Mikaela directed the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies, facilitating U.S. State Department programs while promoting research on Afghanistan and the rebuilding of Afghan academic and civil society institutions. She also served as assistant director for numerous BU institutes, managing programs to enhance an interdisciplinary study of the Islamic world. 
Mikaela holds a Master's in Global Development Policy and Public Health from BU. She speaks four languages and is a lifelong dancer of ballet and the aerial arts.

Elizabeth is a freelance web designer, illustrator, and writer living in NYC. Her graphics, photography, and words have appeared on Buzzfeed, BeGood Clothes, Made in the USA Challenge, EF Magazine, Moral Fibres, the BF+DA blog, EcoGreenLove, and others.

In addition, she's the deputy editor at Selva Beat, an environmental lifestyle magazine based in Austin, TX. A proud sustainability nerd with an M.Ed, her aim is to be a resource for ethical alternatives that benefit both people and the environment. She has worked with both small and large companies like SOKO, Matter Prints, Grow NYC, Artisan Connect, Greenvelope, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), A Wool Story, My Sister, and ThredUp on her blog, The Note Passer.

Amanda Farr
Social Media Manager

Amanda is a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology's International Trade and Marketing program, where she also minored in Ethics and Sustainability. She has worked as a Creative Director and Social Media Manager for many small business which cater to the sustainable fashion market. Through both her education and work experience, she has developed a unique system of social media planning to help brands reach their full SM market potential, which she enjoys employing with NYCFTC members. Amanda has also spearheaded a few of the NYCFTC's newest initiatives, such as a WhatsApp boost group for members, membership SM data files, as well as the overall re-branding of the NYCFTC's social media pages.