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The NYC Fair Trade Coalition has helped me learn about sustainability on a greater level than I had before. Plus everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful! Awesome community!

— Macarena Leon, Advocate & Intern

When I moved to NYC, I got to know the NYCFTC and all its actions regarding how we as a society, as business owners, as consumers, can make better choices for everyone involved in the chain. Having this idea organized in a community that leads to real actions was new world to me.

— Natalia Pereira Cerqueira, Membership Chair

I am grateful to be part of a community that works so hard building bridges and connections towards sustainability as a whole. Staying connected with individuals that are, at the same time, diverse and united by similar goals has helped me stay focused and positive through even the most trying times."

— Fernanda Daudt, Volta Atelier

We joined the NYC Fair Trade Coalition a month after launching Around Eco back in 2017. It’s been an amazing ride from the people, the meetings, events, and our goal as a community, making this one of the best resources to connect and grow your business. 

— Jenn Velez, Around Eco

NYCFTC has been essential in bringing my business out of a vacuum. Running a business whose focus is on Sustainability and Fair Trade comes with challenges that traditional companies don't face, putting people and the planet before profits. The NYCFTC community has been helpful in ways that I couldn't foresee, supporting new ideas while focusing on the core values of my business.


There are folks from all walks of life and various industries that offer each other unwavering support. We're all working towards the same goal, so even similar businesses are not competing but building each other up to grow.

— Carla Farina, eddys brand


Are you an ethically-aligned business ready for the support, camaraderie, and resources we can provide?

Are you curious and enthusiastic about ethical, sustainable, and fair trade businesses and products? 

Are you a large business or organization that seeks partners instead of competitors?

I've found plenty of freelance work and, frankly, a lot of friends through the coalition.

— Elizabeth Stilwell, The Note Passer

A great community for like-minded people and brands to network and grow together.

— Binson Stretha, STEMP

The Fair Trade Coalition is an incredible community. I'm so happy to have found this amazing group of people.

— Arielle Toelke, Four Rabbits

The NYC FTC has given me courage and hope to grow up to be a fashion-tech startup and have a branch in NYC in the future.​

— Mine Takeda, Rakuon

The NYC FTC has given

me a home to explore sustainable practices, test my ethics, and grow my community.

— Andrea Reyes, A. Bernadette